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Friday, April 22, 2011

Falcon Lake Murder: Reenactment of the Falcon Lake Murder story

I apologize for not getting this up sooner, but here it is:

I know it's a little blah, but I look forward to getting some feedback and hopefully some other ideas as to what other kind of videos I can produce.

This video is a little off as I had meant to make it word for word based on what Tiffany said, but I couldn't resist and add, slyly, my own opinion in there.  Towards the end, I went a little off track and reenacted the story based on what she said in other interviews, not this one.

Anyways, it's practice, but I've been wanting to post something like this for quite a while now, and so here it is.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Falcon Lake Murder: Playing Russian Roulette

Not surprising, the Sheriff of Zapata has now provided more "evidence".

Not surprising because I'm sure that by now he knows we have been taking major steps to investigate this case to the fullest, like he should have done in the beginning but didn't.  He knows we are sniffing his trail and he doesn't want us to find out what he's hiding, so I was expecting that he would start taking steps soon to try and get this case closed before anyone finds out the truth.

Funny how a simple call for information can result in the police calling you back because "it sent off an alarm in Austin".

That's what happened to my friend who is helping us with the investigation.  Not only did he get a call back from a police officer, but the police officer called him back from Tiffany's old house in McAllen, Texas.

Um, doesn't he know that Tiffany said "hasta la buh-bye" to that house a long time ago?

Apparently, asking questions about this case sends off alarms to Austin and the response is for the police to rush to Tiffany's old house.  Why?

The questions being asked weren't even really that big of a deal.

All my friend wanted to know was what an "admin hold" on a jet ski meant, nothing directly related to the missing jet-ski, and the response is to send off an alarm to Austin and rush to Tiffany's old house to see if anyone is there?

And while the officer was really nice about it, he did start asking a lot of questions like who he (my friend) was and why he wanted to know.

Or my friends call to TPW, now that one was a real doozy.

Apparently you can't call to find out if a jet-ski has been reported missing.  Now that guy went all GI Joe on my friend and started flipping out about why he wanted to know if David's jet-ski was reported missing.

Well, that guys attitude just really scared my friend and so he just decided to tell the GI Joe to forget about it.

Too bad that my friend, at the time, didn't know that the TPW Rambo is not supposed to question you about why or what you need the information for when it should be public information.  It is forbidden for them to ask, and I wonder if that means it is also against the law?

But, I guess they must think the cartel would call to see if their work has caused some commotion or not, geez!

By the way, an admin hold on a jet ski means that it is being held because the jet-ski is under investigation.  It could be possible that it was reported as missing, but it could also mean they haven't made payments on it.

With the attitude they're giving us, we may never know.

So, anyways, what is truly disturbing is that they would drill us with all these questions like we committed a crime by asking, but they've never once drilled Tiffany Hartley like that.  Tiffany Hartley, whose fantastical story has all kinds of holes in it.

Wow! What is going on here?!

Now, after those alarms have been sent, the Sheriff rushes in to say that there are two new witnesses who have come forward.

I can't help but call bull on that one.

"Witnesses" don't just wait six month and then decide to come forward after such a long time.  That's crazy!

Not only is it crazy, but it borders on criminal.

Supposedly, in today's world, if you are witness to a crime and fail to speak up you can face felony charges...supposedly.

But that's besides the point, as it seems that, if these witnesses are the same witnesses that spoke up months ago on the "In Honor of David Michael Hartley" facebook page, then why are they being brought up now?
The initial question that started this thread was based around why the pirate ship in the background of David Hartley's facebook profile picture was removed.  Notice how the administrator says that that wasn't a pirate ship.

Um, yes it was.

He was skiing in South Padre Island and he was in front of the Black Dragon, but maybe that's where they got the idea of making the "murder" of David Hartley about pirates?  Hmmmm....

But asides from that, notice this witness, Margaret Leach, claims to have been "in and around the opening where the Rio Salado is" on the "Mexican side" of the lake.


You were fishing there and you only "heard" gun shots?

Why, you should have actually seen them if you were in the opening of the Rio Salado.  Heck, from there you can see from one side of the river to the other!

Do these people honestly think they're the only ones who've been around these neck of the woods?

Hell, you can even see the opening of the Rio Salado from the US side, and that's further away from where Tiffany claims David Hartley was shot, or the width of the Rio Salado.

I would say it's almost impossible to have been on the Rio Salado and not have brushed shoulders with Tiffany and her pirate friends.

And personally, I believe this Margaret Leach is in cahoots with Tiffany and part of the crime.

I mean, how odd is it that Margaret Leach is a friend of Tiffany and David on their facebook pages?

Surely she didn't know them before the "incident" with the pirates, and while I can understand being friends now with Tiffany, but friends with David?  David is supposedly dead!  How could he have added her to his friends list!

I guess that all goes back to a sicko wife who finds it fun to mess around with her "deceased" husband's facebook friends.  I mean, the last time I was able to capture a screen shot of David's friends, he had 215 friends, and now he has only 206?

I guess Tiffany is deciding for David what friends are good enough to be considered David's friends, huh.

I wonder what the special deal is to be David's friend too is and what gets them promoted to be friends with David?

Is there a secret society going on behind that now private page of a supposedly dead man?

Or is David alive and he's adding and deleting people whom he deems worthy of getting an update of his "deceased" status?

Time will only tell, and we'll continue to make sure to keep cracking at this case until all the pieces of the puzzle come together, which we hope is very soon and within the next week.

Anyhoo, on to the other fish I want to fry.  The "other" evidence that Sheriff Sigi is producing is what is supposedly an aeriel photo taken by CBP of some people on a boat.  Here's the news coverage on this "new" evidence:

Here is a still picture of the aeriel shot taken by CBP of the "suspects":
What's wrong with this picture?  Oh, there are several things wrong with it.

For one, this boat looks to me to be a light blue.  In the recording of the 911 call made by Tiffany, she claims there were 3 boats and then goes on to give what seems to be the description of four boats instead.  She tells the operator the color of the boats:
"one was a dark color, one...two of them were like a white, one was like a green or black or something"
Listen to the excerpt of the 911 call here.

But ok, she was under duress and didn't hit the color exactly.

Understood, buuuut, the other problem with this picture is that I don't see any weapons.  According to Sheriff Sigi and the witness, these "pirates" were waving AK47's.

Those are pretty big guns, and I see none in that picture.  Could they have hidden them?  Maybe.  The picture is not too clear and not 3 dimensional, so who knows?

But that's not the only problem with this picture.  The other problem is the description of the boats given by Sheriff Sigi and the good Samaritan.  They claim Tiffany was being chased by "commercial fishing" boats.  This is a commercial fishing boat:
But what do I know about boats around these areas?

Maybe someone with experience in boats can offer their opinion, because the picture "evidence" they are showing looks, to me, like that is a panga boat, and not a commercial fishing boat, and from what I've heard, jet skis can outrun a panga boat by a long shot, correct me if I'm wrong.

But what's really funny is the Sheriff's own insecurity about the photo.  He tells Channel 5 News the following:

"I’m not really saying that the people in the photograph were involved in it but they all were in the clothing she described," says Gonzalez.

Gonzalez believes if these men aren't suspects that they could be witnesses.
What the hodgenodge?!!

In short, Sheriff Sigi is just playing Russian Roulette to see what he can use as "evidence".

What he says is the same, to me, as claiming you found a stolen car on someones front yard, but if the car ain't stolen, then maybe you can get the owners to sell you the car.  It's ridiculous!

So you're not sure if they are suspects, yet you publicize the information.  Hrm!

And when has that woman EVER given any description of her attackers?

No, she's never done it, and as a matter of fact, to prove that, here is a little video I just made where she very clearly states that she does not know what her attackers look like:

I'll be posting more of those as I make them, so stay tuned.

Until next time...

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