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Friday, May 27, 2011

Falcon Lake Murder: An acceptance of guilt or a failed plan?

Thank you everyone for waiting for the information I have had pending.  I apologize for the wait, and believe me, what I am about to share with you is not everything that we have so far, but it is really quite astounding!

First of all, let me begin by letting you know what has happened so far:

In March 2011, we sent out a FOIA request for a full and complete copy of the original call made by Tiffany Hartley to 911 operator.  Among other things, we also requested any and all information related to the case (to sum things up) which included witness interviews, field notes, memoranda, etc. 

You would have thought we'd get more than what we got!

Instead, we got two audio cds, and 3 paper documents.  That was it!

Here is the letter that was sent by the Sheriff of Zapata that summarizes more or less what we got:

Worse still is that the audio cd for the 911 call was sent split into 16 wave files!  Here's a picture of what that looked like:
Fortunately, we were able to tape it together.  This is what it sounds like all taped up together:

The content of the audio is still being reviewed, but we have found something that sounds very damning!  Listen to audio 5 of the 911 call:

Now, let me explain something about audio 5 of the 911 call.  When you edit it in programs like Audacity or Wavepad, it tends to change the frequencies of voices.

In other words, where you have someone saying, "Let me have that hat", editing the frequencies can change that sentence to sound like, "Bet we grab a snack". 

Many of the people working with me have had that difficulty because the more they mess with those programs, the more they change the sound of words, making it sound like Tiffany Hartley was saying something else.

However, the reason why I'm confident I'm as close to what Tiffany said as possible is because I used a program that I have been used for heavy editing in the past. 

That program is Adobe Soundbooth CS5.

What I like about Adobe Soundbooth CS5 is that you can select the frequencies you want to change, as opposed to changing ALL the frequencies.  The reason Soundbooth can do that is because it gives you a thermal image of the audio. 

In this case, I highlighted around Tiffany's voice and removed the sound around it, being as careful as possible not to change the voice frequencies.  Doing that changes the tone of the voice, but pretty much keeps the words in tact. 

What happens when you remove the sound around the voice is that you take the higher frequencies out of it, along with the noise, and so you keep the words, but they sound more flutey as opposed to Tiffany's regular voice.

Having said that, I'm shocked!

I'm shocked that this was actually caught on tape!  It is no wonder the Sheriff of Zapata County went to such extreme lengths as to take it upon himself to withhold information!

Unfortunately for him, he's not smart enough, as he left in not only audio 5 of the 911 call, but the address of the Good Samaritan!!

Let me just say this, I'm under the strong impression that Tiffany NEVER left the public boat ramp, and if she did, she probably just circled around it to get to the Good Samaritan's house! 

Take a look at this map:

The blue dot is the Good Samaritan's house.  The yellow star is the public boat ramp.

Why in the world would Tiffany end up at that exact house, in that exact location?

But the audio, man.  The audio! 

To hear Tiffany say, "Why'd they make me shoot somebody where I could never look for David"!

Is it just me?  Am I the only one that hears that?  What do you hear?

And assuming that what I am hearing is correct, who is this "somebody" that they shot out there?

Or was this failed planning?  Maybe Tiffany thought that she could go with the excuse that they, the pirates, made her shoot David, but later figured out that that would never fly.

But what if they shot someone with the idea that maybe in time they would find a body and claim it was David, but Tiffany, smartly, thinks about the fact that the body is in an area where they will never find "David"?

Then again, listen to the beginning of the 911 call.  A few seconds into the call, Tiffany states, "by the Church". 

In other words, assuming David was shot, she was saying that he was shot "by the Church". 

The good Samaritan later relays the same message to the operator. 

So why does Tiffany go on later to claim that they were "half way" to the US?  And assuming that is true, then where does the good Samaritan get that he saw a boat chasing her?

Not to mention, remember this picture?

Well, listen to this interview Tiffany had in which she estimates there were two to three people in each of the 3 boats:

Amy:  And, how many people do you think are in these boats?
Tiffany:  Um, if I had to guess, which I don't even have a clue how many were in there, but uh, three let's say
Amy:  In each one of the boats..ok
Tiffany: Yea, two to three in each boat.

So yeah, maybe she's guessing, but it still defies logic as to why the Sheriff of Zapata County would use the above picture to point them out as "suspects", when even he's been saying all along that they were looking at about 6 or seven suspects.  I remember 9 somewhere, but I'm not up to researching, but even at 9!  How would that work with 3 boats, when the above picture shows 6 people in one?!!!

Did these merry pirates decide to take a jolly ride by hopping altogether into one boat?  Geez!

Even more bothersome is the fact that the report we received claims that the good ol' Sheruf of Zapata didn't gather ANY evidence at the scene!!!

Here's a snapshot of that document:


Yes, there are all sorts of crazy stuff going on here.  Soooo, the jet ski doesn't count as evidence?  The life vest doesn't count as evidence? 

"No evidence gathers".....hmmmmm.

This isn't over yet.  There is still more information pending, and hopefully evidence we'll receive in a week or two that we can look over and I will later share with you once we are done reviewing.

In the meantime, please share this far and wide.

I have no idea what to do with what I have found, and those who are helping me have found that in order for us to do any more we'd have to hire a lawyer and a court approved forensic specialist to analyze the audio if we want to take this to court, which so far no one is doing.

Since we have no money, we'll use what we have:  our voices!

Tell everyone you know.  Share this with all your friends.  Share it with the media, anyone who is willing to listen, and hopefully take this up.

Again, if what I am hearing is correct, then someone was killed out there on Falcon Lake, and Tiffany basically states that someone made her do it (shyeah right). 

Justice needs to be done, and if the Sheriff of Zapata County will not fulfill his duties as a law enforcement officer, then someone needs to step in and take away his badge.

Please stay tuned for more.

Until next time.....

P.S.  Here's the incident report narrative for anyone who wants to view it:
Is it just me, or when you read it do you hear Tiffany's rehearsed voice in your head?

Anyways, let me know what YOU hear in that audio 5 of the 911 call.  Take care!

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