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Monday, May 7, 2012

Back Again

I want to thank everyone who has called, written, and spoken with me directly about continuing with my blog.

I must admit that it feels nice to have a group of people who are so supportive, but I must publicly announce that I never had the intention of quitting.

Therefore, I would like to apologize for not being around lately.  I burnt out and took a long break, but I have not given up.

Several factors contributed to my burn out.

One was having three computers break on me consecutively (I'm having bad luck with computers), and while I have a smart phone, it's kind of hard to write whole paragraphs with that stupid touch screen that keeps pressing the smiley face every time I want to delete a character (Arrgh!!).

The other is that I have nothing new to report, and the fact that it seems everyone is doing a damn fine job of preventing me from obtaining any new information in the case is a result of my burn out.

The last I heard was from the Attorney Generals office, whose explanation as to why the Sheriff of Zapata has not released information to me, despite having been ordered by the Attorney General's office themselves, is that so long as Sigi is playing phone tag, it is considered him "trying to work things out" with the AGO.

I gave the AGO my new address so they could resend me anything they might have sent to the last address, and the lady, Tamara Wilcox, said she was going to send me something, but to date, I have not received anything from them.

This new address is an address I can trust, so I am positive this time that they have not sent us anything.

I followed up on 3/28/2012 by calling the AG's office to find out if they've heard anything from Sigi.

Coincidentally, Ms. Wilcox claims that she just called Sigi on 3/27/2012, but he wasn't in his office.

Upset, I asked her if there's a timeline.  We've been waiting for over a year for this information!

Alas, she said there is no timeline, and so long as he is trying to contact them, then it is considered him trying to work things out with the AG, and the AG, according to Ms. Wilcox, is not going to spend resources trying to sue the Sheriff when it is evident he is trying to work things out with them.

How it is evident is beyond me, but none of this smells right, and I'll look into the PIA handbook to see how much Ms. Wilcox is saying is true, because as far as I know, this is like paying a bill, and playing phone tag with a bill collector does not mean the bill is paid, and the bill collector sure as hell isn't going to wait around for you to get back to them if your bill is waaay past due.

Update:  I found this article that basically says I may as well give up pursuing the Sheriff with the AGO.  As a matter of fact, I have decided to just give up for now, and if in the future I am contacted or new information is released to us, I will pick it up again.  That's the only thing left to do as no lawyer will represent us, and our only hope, the Attorney General, as is stated in the article, hasn't pursued a case since early 1995.  I highly doubt they'll decide to pick one up now on account of us.

So, for the meantime, I'm thinking about tackling new projects on my blog (something I should have been doing anyways), and putting the Hartley case in the back burner until we get/hear new information on the case.

For now, I have a doctors appointment to tend to, but I will be getting back on shortly to report on other news around web.

Until then, thank you for staying tuned...

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