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About Me

I am a married mother of 2 beautiful children.  My life long goal is to make a difference in this world and that hopefully, when I die, I'm not remembered for just living to die.  I want to be remember for having been an influence to positive changes.

My main focus in my writing revolves around the border and immigration.  I've been an immigrant rights activist for several years now, jumping from forum to forum across the Internet debating on issues related to immigration reform.

That is where I have gained most of my education related to the topic.

With time, I have also become involved in other issues such as LGBT rights, civil rights, and other topics that revolve around constitutional rights.

My most recent project is working to dispel the myths about our borders.  I've lived on the Texas border for over 30 years and can testify to what the truth about our borders really are.

I've always wanted to be a writer.  As a child, I kept a diary and wrote on it constantly with the hope that some day when I grew up I would be able to publish my diary as a book about my life.  In time, I lost that diary and started writing my diary on my computer, only to have those computers break down.

Several years of writing gone down the drain, and now I'm mad!

Now I want to write where my thoughts won't be in vain.  So long as someone else out there reads what I have to say, then my stories will be saved in someone else's memory should I ever lose my work.  In that way, I know that at least somewhere, with someone, I have made a difference, and hopefully, it is a good difference.

Stop Demonizing Our Borders

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