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Borderline Madness gets more personal.

No, really!

For a more up to date account of what life is really like on the border, check out my personal diary at:

Borderline Madness Diary

Sometimes, life is better explained through poetry.  Coming soon, a blog of poems from the border and beyond.  In this blog you will read poems I have written, or poems my husband has written, but mainly his.  My husband is from Mexico, came to the US illegally and finally was able to obtain his Resident Card.  He loves to listen to, and writes his own Narco Corridos.  I don't like Narco Corridos because I think they hail the cartels as hero and only encourages more people to join in the hopes of being seen as "heroes".

But...I believe his Narco Corridos hold information relevant to Borderline Madness, and thus I will include those that I really like that send a positive message and also give an account about life in Mexico.

Due to technical difficulties, which have already been sorted out, this page is not yet updated, but it will be...very, very soon.

So check us out and make sure to follow us so you can be one of the first to get notified of when our first posts go up.  You will find us here:

Borderline Madness Poetry

I truly look forward to sharing more about our personal lives and thoughts.  I honestly hope you enjoy.

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