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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Evidence on Tiffany Hartley: What is she hiding?

Well, I'm not so sure on whether to call it new because I don't know how many people have already noted this very contradictory find.

You see, in the process of researching my next blog post, I came across a very interesting article that I had never seen.  It's a CNN interview of Tiffany and her family posted on October 29, 2010.  Within the interview, the following is noted:
But in January of this year, a top member of Los Zetas cartel was gunned down by the rival Gulf cartel, and violence exploded in Reynosa and surrounding Tamaulipas state. Cartels mounted roadblocks, and city officials warned residents not to venture out. There were reports of body parts being left on the streets.
The violence was so alarming that the U.S. Consulate in Reynosa closed for several days in February. Calfrac encouraged the Hartleys and other families to move back over the border to McAllen.
"The company started realizing all the danger," Tiffany Hartley said. "They said, 'Why don't you guys move north, get out of Reynosa?' We dragged our heels a little bit. I liked the place I lived in. We were only five minutes from the border. It was hard to leave."
This had me scratching my head in confusion.  This isn't the first place where I've seen Tiffany make claims that she felt safe in Reynosa.  In my previous blog post, "The Falcon Lake Murder:  Tiffany Hartley", I mention an interview Tiffany made with the Monitor.  You can listen to that interview here:

At around 13:00 Tiffany states that she did not have a clue about the violence in Reynosa until they moved there. She goes on to reference that they had been stopped by the cartel and the police, but that David protected her from a lot of things, including being robbed and beaten by the police.  Other than that, she had never witnessed any of the violence.

This is a very important piece of evidence that points to some malicious scheme and it should indicate to law enforcement (above Sheriff Sigi of Zapata) that this story needs to be looked into further.

Tiffany needs to stand trial!

The reason this drew my attention is because I received a screen shot of Tiffany's wall from a friend on Tiffany's list and it is interesting that on September 23, 2009 at 10:21pm Tiffany posts:

Kicked out of our house by the Mexican drug cartel, homeless.and looking.  Bet no ones had a day like this.   5 hours to pack all of your stuff before the cartel would show up.  It has been a crazy, stressful, scary day.  By the way our land lords are the ones in trouble with the cartel "not us" we just lived there.  Thank God for some good friends who lent a hand.
Then, that same day she responds in the same post at 10: 29pm:

thanks, were really thankful God kept us protected during our time of packing. Now were in the Holiday Inn, in Mcallen Texas. on the safer side of the river.
Later, on September 28, 2009 at 5:48pm she posts: 

Still looking for a place to live, very frustrating.  No one allows large dogs and doesn't have any furnishings. But were hopeful and praying that God will bring the right place for us with all of our requirements we need in a place. 

Then on October 13, 2009 at 6:49pm, Tiffany posts:

Very excited that we have finally found a place to live. But we have to wait until there done with renovating, unfortunately it will be almost 2 weeks i guess hotel living for just a little longer.

In that same post at on October 14, 2009 at 9:45pm she states: 

We will be back in Reynosa but were only 5-7 min from the border and david is only 15 min to work so it is a perfect location for us. 

I'm assuming they lived in McAllen from October until some time before January 4, 2010, because on January 4, 2010, asked by a friend what's she doing living in Mexico, Tiffany responds at 3:43pm with:

It has been a long time. My husband works for a Oil company and they started a district down here and since he was previously working in Russia and on rotation schedule it wasn't working so well for us so we decided to take this job and now he's home all the time. It was a better move for us. How are you and the family doing?

 But then, on February 7, 2010 at 8:49pm she says the following:

Were doing good, I've been really busy at work since Valentines is coming up I have been trying to get stocked up at both stores so it's not so crazy at the end of this week. I'm taking a couple of dance classes on Mon & Wed nights. It has been fun. How are you doing? 

I don't think she'd be working in Mexico, or would she?  Maybe I just don't understand her life?  Is she working in Mexico or McAllen, or where the heck is she living at at all?

I guess in McAllen because on February 20, 2010 at 8:19pm she posts:
Had fun at the McAllen Dog Park but Tori is a hurting unit. she really played to hard! Poor baby,
Or maybe they were going back and forth?  Hmmm...I say that because then on May 11, 2010 at 9:27pm she responds to a friend (who asks how Tiffany is doing) with: 

Doing good, living in Reynosa, Mexico (border town) not too fun but were trying to find a house across the border in Texas then i'll at least be out of the danger zone but my hubby will have to cross everyday. But were doing well. How are you doing?

Then on June 20, 2010 at 10:36pm she states yet again:

What a busy weekend, were moving out of Mexico and heading across the border to McAllen, Tx.  Not completely moved but were a lot closer. Got to enjoy the Jet Skies this morning then Davids skie broke, so our trip was cut short:( came home to move more stuff.  Sure will be nice when were done moving and hopefully it will be for more than 7 months.

May I note that the spelling errors are hers.  After that, it's all talk of living in McAllen, although back to my original point, she does make one more comment of interest.  In her CNN interview she stated that Calfrac was the one that had encouraged them to move to McAllen, yet in a post she makes to a friend on July 14, 2010 at 9:46pm she says:

Hey, we really miss you guys also. With the slow down in Mexico we will be back in CO for a few months until Calfrac decides where to send us next. Probably at the end of Aug or Sept will be on our way back. We are a little bummed we just moved to McAllen, TX a month ago and now were moving again and were really enjoying life down here. We have the beach, good friends and a great church and now were off again just when were getting settled in. But we know God has a plan for us and were excited to see what else he has in store for us. So will see you guys soon. How is the little guy? 
and on July 26, 2010 at 6:50pm again she says:

Doing good, we found out were moving again, work in Reynosa is slow and the contractor that davids company works for is in real bad shape, fianacially. The sad thing is were not sure where to. Will be coming back to CO for a few months until they find david a more permanent job. Most likely it will be in North Dakota or Pennsylvania. Hey were comeing home for a little while but not sure when. How are you doing? Miss you also 
Is anyone else noting the irregularities here?  Why did she tell CNN that it was Calfrac's idea that they move due to the violence when here she's stating they are moving due to the slow down and bad shape of the company?  

In that same CNN interview, the spokesman for Calfrac, Scott Tuttle, clearly states that the decision to transfer David was "based on economics, not security risks"!

And if it was Tiffany's true reasons were because of the violence, then why did she tell "The Monitor" she had never experienced the violence in Mexico and that she loved the place there?

Better yet, why did she claim the move was Calfrac's idea and not due to the fact that the cartel had kicked them out of their home as she reveals in her facebook page?

I take it this is why Tiffany set her profile to private...

The less you see, the less you know...and that's something that's been a pretty prevalent practice for Tiffany and Sheriff Sigi:  If you don't see a body, you can't know what happened to it.

Is it little wonder that the Bible thumping Tiffany is now claiming that David wanted to be cremated?  Wouldn't that be against their religion?  Knowing all that, now I'm sure if they find David's body, she'll want it cremated immediately before they can do an autopsy.

I do hope someone who can do something about this case is reading this.

If found, don't allow her to cremate David's body until a full autopsy is done by someone else other than the corrupt officials living here in the valley (namely Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez). 

Preferably, let the FBI investigate!


  1. This is impressive work, showing another level of Tiffany Hartley's deception, completely ignored by the media and that so-called sheriff, both of whom should be looking into all aspects of this woman's life.

  2. Sequence of events could be:

    1. Had to move out of their rented home in Reynosa with just 5 hours notice; TH's story is given regarding cartel action/threat against landlord. Hartleys stay across the border at Holiday Inn in McAllen and begin looking for another place to stay.

    2. They find another place... back in Reynosa. TH points out that this new place is close to the border, and David has a quick drive to work as well.

    3. It appears that they live in Reynosa, but TH works at a store(s) on the U.S. side in McAllen, and probably shops there, takes her dog to the dog park there, etc. Quick trip back and forth across the bridge as a part of daily life.

    4. May 11, TH says they are planning to move to the US side for safety reasons, but does not mention anything about this being advised by the company.

    5. June 20 they are moving to the US side, but David will commute to work across the border. Jet Skis mentioned. No mention of David being transferred.

    6. In July, due to a "slowdown" ("economic reasons" per the company representative), David is told he will be transferred. But TH says they don't know where he will be working next; perhaps ND or PA.

    7. Note that David's disappearance occurs at the latter limit of the timeframe TH estimated (end of August or September) for their departure from McAllen back to CO for "a few months" (why so long??), before David would be reassigned.

    Of note: TH expresses the "hope" that they will stay for "more than 7 months" -- it ends up being a month or so. She is disappointed. She mentions that it is "sad" that they don't know where they will move next. She uses the word "bummed" as well. Methinks this little wifey was not looking forward to moving to North Dakota if it came to that...

    Do we know about life insurance?

    Very odd is the contradiction about whether TH was afraid living in "dangerous" Reynosa, or whether she felt safe there and was never aware of any danger...

    VERY fishy circumstances, very fishy story.


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