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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Translated to English: Final interview with Comandante Armando Flores Villegas

Notes in red and in parenthesis are mine to help the reader understand who he is talking about.
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Comandante Armando Flores Villegas:

Armando Flores Villegas

Look, we don't have the withs or withouts anymore on behalf of the consulate in Laredo Texas, I don't know the name of the consulate.  He (Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez) is the one that is saying that a person, who is the wife of Mr. David Hartley, they gave us some coordinates, we went, we have searched all, all the, eh, the coordinates that they gave us, we went with the Mexican army, and they are the ones that are working there because it is a zone of breaches,  lining the Rio Salado and they have not found the body.  So then the, the, uh, (Laredo) consulate again gave us new coordinates, so there is nothing believable about this story that the person was there.  Eh, we interviewed many people who are fishers there, that are close and have their fishing ranches there in Rio Salado, they did not hear any shots and it appears that no one helped the person. The person who supposedly survived, and we don't know if she (Tiffany Hartley) was on a jet ski or if she was on a boat, we don't have that information.  They say she was on a jet ski.  We didn't find a jet ski.  We didn't find a body.  We don't know if they had life vests. We don't know anything.

Yes, what happened is that there are some fishing ranches there, on the side of the rivers. (uh huh) They, obviously, since it is very peaceful there, they hear whatever sound from kilometers away.  So, they say, they didn't hear any shots or any, eh, water bike, or boats, you do know, their boats

up till now, the coordinates that they gave us, the consulate of Laredo, of Laredo, Texas and he gave the coordinates and we, with the Mexican army, went to those coordinates.  We were in the river, it is part of Mexico, and then, in the coordinates that they gave us, we stayed, what would it be, 2, 3 kilometers on all the side of the river.  No body has floated up.  No jet ski has shown up.  We have seen nothing.  What is happening is that for security...


so then it is a bunch of wooded area, it is a bunch of breaches that lead to the river.  So, there, it is supposed that there is where the armed groups are, and so, the same, we have run with luck and they have not come looking for us.  We are, are going with plenty of security, but still, right? But the army and the marines are the one that are there working.  We, as ministerial police, cannot enter there without their support.  So there we are alone to be ambushed because it is wooded.  It is entrance to ranches and entrance to ranches and ranches and ranches and they (the armed groups) are the one that are in power of all those ranches.


  1. Falcon Lake Incident Briefing
    Oct. 07, 2010

    Lists attendees names. (US & Mexico Consulate Generals among them.)

  2. Anonymous, thank you for the information, and I'm not sure what the purpose of your link was for, but it provides no valuable information other than the same rhetoric we've been hearing for years. Yeah, it's dangerous in Mexico, blah, blah, blah, but it's not dangerous here, on this side, and we already have what we need to secure the borders. What the Comandante is talking about is the lack of information given to them about the Hartley case, not how dangerous it is on the borders. This link you gave me also lacks that information. As a matter of fact, the whole public is lacking information about this case. This link is nothing but the same rhetoric that those of us who actually live here on the border can testify to it being a lie.

  3. I find it useful since I never believed the wife's story from beginning. Told everybody I believed she killed her husband and with US sentiments regarding our border today, she had the perfect 'bad guy'.
    We camp at lake falcon often and nothing she said makes sense to me.
    So thank you because after reading the interview I feel validated in my belief about the wife.

  4. "Borderline Madness":

    Thank you for translating Comandante Armando Flores Villegas' interview. You have done a great service to those who want the truth and can't get it.

    I have wanted to know what he said since October. No one else bothered to translate this revealing interview.

    This verifies for me that the US consulate officials did not help Mexico, or even try to, but thwarted their efforts to investigate this Hartley "event," no matter what happened on Sept. 30.

    So did the US media, and that combined with the lack of help from our US consulate and law enforcement is unconscionable.

    Tiffany Hartley and the US bear responsiblity for the Comandante's murder. Were it not for Tiffany Hartley and her "stories," I am sure the Comandante would be alive.

    I have never believed for a moment that Comandante Flores Villegas was killed because of he was "too close" to the cartel "killers," but the very oppposite, that his killing may have been related to his NOT believing, or because of other cases he was investigating.

    But the timing of his murder is what made me believe that it was in some way related to the Hartley "disappearance," but definitly not in the way they (media, TH, and Gonzalez) wanted us to believe it was.

    Either way, I have never believed his horrendous murder was because he was "on to" the supposed murderer of David Hartley.

    But Tiffany Hartley, her powerful ring-wing political supporters, and the so-called sheriff of Zapata County used this terrible murder for their own purposes, and may have caused it.

    His last interview confirms for me that what the US media, Sigifredo Gonzalez, Jr., and Tiffany Hartley did by claiming his death was "proof" of her "story." This was another self-serving and terrible lie of theirs in a case filled with many, many terrible lies.

    This interview and translation of it is a huge advance in putting the lies of these above mentioned out to the world, if anyone bothers to read it, and pay attention to what Comandante Flores Villegas said shortly before he was murdered.

  5. Anon, Thanks for the link. It may be useful on BDHJ page, if people want to call these "officials" and make a stink about why they have not acted.

    It may not provide new information, but the same old rhetoric, but it does give the names of many of those who are responsible for doing nothing.

    I had this link, and didn't save it. I am glad to have it, again, as a reference for all those officials, who could have told the truth, or pushed for a US federal investigation, and did absolutely nothing, so far.

    I want to know why.

  6. iamme, I wrote a comment about the translation, posted over an hour ago.

    It was here when I was posted this comment about the link. There were four comments, with mine last, and it disappeared as I was posting my second comment. There should be five. Is there a way to retrieve it.

    This has happened on Peter Hyatt's blog, which uses this same "blogger comment" whatever it is. Thank you.

  7. Comandante Flores Villegas says that he got the coordinates to search from the sheriff (Sigi), who got them from the wife (Tiff).

    Hasn't Tiff said all along she did not know where this alleged incident happened?

    In several of her many versions, she has given very conflicting information about the general location(s).

    In some, it sounds like they were very close to Old Guerrero (the friendly waving people version); in others, it sounds like they were halfway to the US, whatever that means to her; in still others, it sounds like they were close to the US border. In that version she said they had been gone from the church for five-ten minutes at 45-50mph and the church was only four to five miles from the US, according to her. At that point the Hartleys were chased according to Tiff. By any calculations using her numbers in this version, they would already have been in the US.

    Wow! What coordinates did Sigi give Comandate Flores Villegas, who I believe was setup?

    Who first reported he was killed by vengeful Zetas for investigating the Hartley case and blaming the two Zeta brothers?

    This is another crime that should not go unpunished, and I believe it started in the US, specifically in Zapata County.

  8. Django said...
    Who first reported he was killed by vengeful Zetas for investigating the Hartley case and blaming the two Zeta brothers?

    Maybe overzealous reporting? Which create See link below. (FWIW, I'm right wing but open-minded. I am not biased to what I read, write or share in this Hartley story. I thought you might like the link.) Also remember the video you shared with us on Peters blog? The KRGV clip? The link above references it.

    I think everyone in MSM (and all others) used KRGV's article as a source and ran with the story. (Search web,
    "Armando Flores Villegas killed by two brothers?"....and you find many references to KRGV.) Though I don't know if they came right out and said it was Zeta revenge. I don't have a link saved to those suggestions.


  9. bj, Thank you for links.

    I did not mean to impugn you or your views, I am sure you know. Anyway, my views on firearms may be considered right wing by some!

    Tiff's supporters are in a totally different category than just right, or right wing.

    Some on Peter's blog who are Christian have taken offense when we attacked her pretend- Christianity. No one meant real Christians!

    Anyway, I was glad to see you on BDHJ and here. I have always liked your posts a lot and the thorough and meticulous research you do.

    This translation is so very important as a primary source of information, instead of second-hand and inaccurate news reports.

    So is the previous post on this blog about the Hartleys being kicked out of their house in Reynosa by "the cartel," in Tiff's own words (whatever that means). That was an astounding revelation to me, and I wonder how many others did not know this before.


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