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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Falcon Lake Murder: Pirates, Psychics and Sheriff Sigi

You know, this story would almost be funny if it weren't really happening.

It would make for a good movie too.

But the truth is, it's not funny because evidence is pointing to a very big and scary cover up.

Some day, I hope to be able to share the information that is being gathered on this case, but until then, we'll be looking at the very obvious.

Take for example the fact that Falcon Lake had previously never experienced any "pirate" attacks until 2010.

The first attack coming in April 30, 2010, but that news didn't make a big splash, and to me, it was like Sheriff Sigi was upset it didn't cause the effects he wanted, so he tried again TWICE in May, and when that didn't work, he tried again April, with his final attempt, the Hartley's, finally hitting the mark.

Here are those stories according to Texas Monthly (which got it's news from the Monitor):

April 30:  Five people in two boats were fishing on the lake and visited Old Guerrero, a Mexican city abandoned when the reservoir was created in the 1950s. The group was taking pictures of the church and other submerged buildings at the site when four heavily tattooed men appeared in boats and climbed aboard the fishermen’s vessels. The intruders claimed they were “Federales” — Mexican federal police — but had no uniforms, troopers said.  (Note the importance of pointing out they were heavily tattooed men.  The scarier the better, even though the last thing these drug cartel members want is to be identified through their tattoo's.  A very reliable informant tells me that it is very rare for Zeta's to be tattooed because then it is harder for them to deny any involvement if they are caught.  The only one's that are more than likely to be heavily tattooed are the MS13 and other gang members that operate for the Zeta's.  However, it is very unlikely that MS13 or gang members will be found on boats.  Who knows though?  If there can be pirates on speed boats on a lake, there can be gangsters too.)

May 6:  Three fishermen were about a quarter of a mile from Marker 14 on the north side of Salado Island, above some submerged ruins, troopers said. As they were fishing, two men in a boat quickly approached and pointed AR-15 assault rifles toward the anglers. One of the gunmen boarded the boat, looking for cash, drugs and firearms.  One of the attackers chambered a round in his assault rifle and said he would shoot the men if they did not give him money.  (Why would they be looking for drugs?  Mexico supplies the drugs, not the US.  Again, drugs = criminals, so I classify this as another attempt to make the enemy look scarier)

May 16:  Law enforcement officers received a report that a vessel carrying five armed men had approached some boaters. Investigators have not found the boaters to obtain details about the incident, which apparently occurred on the U.S. side of the lake.  (Naturally, since no one knows who the boaters were, you just have to suck it up as fact, right?)

And six weeks before May 16 or 19, Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo “Sigi” Gonzalez said the first suspected cartel pirate hijacking he heard of occurred when a group of fishermen had their boat stolen and were left naked on the Mexican side with only a cell phone to call for help. (Well I'll be damned!  I thought the first incident happened on April 30th and they were able to make it back, albeit a little short on cash.  Fabricating much Sheriff Sigi?)
But that's not all.  Sheriff Sigi said the following back in May of 2010:

"It makes me nervous that these things are happening. It irritates me because we can try and do more if the federal government would provide more funding," said Gonzalez. "I dread having to even think of having a fisherman resist, shot in the head, and we can't even go retrieve the body."  
Amazingly enough, exactly just that happened on September 30, 2010 when Tiffany and David Hartley were chased by "pirates" and David Hartley was supposedly shot in the head and his body to this day has not been retrieved because "we can't even go" over there.

If that's not surprising, later that same day, Sheriff Sigi goes into details about what more than likely happened to the body.  This is what he predicted:
"I don't think we're ever going to find him," Gonzalez said late Thursday. "We can't go over there, obviously, and I'm thinking that if the Mexican authorities have not gone to look for him, the people that did this would - if I were them - have cut the vest and let him sink, or I would have pulled the body out of the water so there'd be no evidence ... before the Mexican military gets there."
While, personally I don't believe that David was ever shot to begin with, assuming he was, then it is no coincidence that Sheriff Sigi was once again correct in his predictions.  No body was ever found!

Then, that weekend, a private investigator, Raul G. Reyna Jr., from Edinburg, Texas tries stealing some of the spotlight and Sheriff Sigi doesn't like it.  He warns the private investigator:

Reyna needs to be careful about nosing around too much in this case "because he’s going to come up missing a head."

In his comments, he also adds:

"If we know there’s no body to be found, why should we risk more people searching? Why should we risk having people out there searching and getting beheaded when we can’t find a body?
Now, the article that published the above quotes from Sigi is dated Sunday, October 17, but in there it says "this past Saturday", which I'm sure they didn't mean "yesterday" because more than likely the paper was written on Saturday, October 16 or around that time.  Which means, the Saturday they are referring to is Saturday, October 9, 2010.

The reason I believe this also, asides from the above mentioned reasons, is because I've done a search and every post that has this news story has no comments in regards to the beheading of Rolando Armando Flores Villegas on October 13, 2010.  Neither in the news article or in the comment section, and you know those anti-immigrants, racist, xenophobic, and/or Tiffany supporters would not have let that one go.  And because it is a news article, I find it odd that they would not mention his beheading when it very clearly relates to what Sheriff Sigi is warning about.

Which brings us to Sheriff Sigi's other predictions:  The beheading of Rolando Armando Flores Villegas.
It may be possible that Rolando Armando Flores Villegas was set up to be beheaded, and I'm not going to beat around the bush with this one:

I strongly believe Sheriff Sigi had something to do with it!

Rolando Armando Flores Villegas was very adamant that nothing in Tiffany's story was adding up.  There was no body.  No jet ski.  No witnesses (besides an unreliable good Samaritan.  My words, not his.).  So it's very possible that he was on to something and Sheriff Sigi didn't like it.

In short, he wasn't being "careful about nosing around too much in this case", and like Sheriff Sigi predicted, he ended up "missing a head".

Let us see what other predictions the Sheriff has in store for us:
3/31/2009 - "Gonzalez, who heads the Southwestern Border Sheriff’s Coalition, said it’s only a matter of time before a shootout breaks out between cartel members and federal, state, and local law enforcement.
...We are looking for help in catching the bad guys who are coming in, sir, and also protecting the citizens and residents who are already living in our counties so that they not get kidnapped and not get extorted, not have their homes invaded, that they not get tortured and things like this."

And no wonder he makes it sound so dangerous here on the border.  Look at what he's asking for for his local agencies:  "$500 million a year for 5 years was the figure that we looked at as being actually something meaningful that would provide the resources"

Is Sheriff Sigi crying wolf?  Why shouldn't he?

According to the Boston Review: At War In Texas by Tom Barry, " Sheriff Gonzalez has so much border-security funding from DHS and DOJ that each of his deputies is assigned two vehicles, a patrol car for regular duty and a new SUV for overtime border-security operations."  Later on, Mr. Barry goes on to say that "Border sheriffs enjoy virtually unlimited overtime-pay accounts, new fleets of vehicles, and the latest security technology."

Of course, Sheruff Sigi doesn't want to use that "latest security technology or new fleets of vehicles cuz the boogy men pirates might put a dent in 'em.

Most importantly, Mr. Barry notes that, "in Zapata County, Sheriff Gonzalez has so much border-security funding from DHS and DOJ that each of his deputies is assigned two vehicles, a patrol car for regular duty and a new SUV for overtime border-security operations."

Holy crapoly!  No wonder Sheriff Sigi is making all these predictions that mysteriously are coming true!

But back to his predictions, and sorry these are not coming out in order, iammetx is too lazy to place them in order, but don't worry, they all happened in 2010.

Apparently there was an incident back in March 2010 with an "armed" Mexican helicopter flying over U.S. airspace and hovering over homes.

According to the Sigster, this was a Mexican Marine helicopter because it hovered over the homes of CBP agents and surely they know what they were looking at.

Oddly enough, the only people who could confirm this actually happened were, according to the Sigi, a deputy, a local news reporter, and a federal officer who, the sheriff said, "has since been muzzled by higher-ups".


Asides from that, they had pictures!  Albeit a bit blurry, but they claim you can actually see where it says Marina on it.  Here's one that they provided, although you can't really tell where it actually is.  It could have been taken in Mexico for all we know:

Which oddly enough looks exactly like this helicopter photo taken in 2009:
Too bad we can't see a chopper number in that back tail for the first photo.  Sneaky little punks!

Here's another one compared to that one:
Yowzers!  Now that's a chopper!  Where it is at or if it is even Mexican remains to be a mystery, and I'm sure Sigi is loving every minute of it.  

Especially with his prediction of "it's not the first time and it won't be the last."  

Surely enough, he was right, again. Too bad the link to that article will never be found complete, as it was scrubbed from the Internet like most news articles involving the Sigster.  

However, I was able to find a forum where you can see a little bit more of that article where it clearly states:
"Border Patrol spokesman Jason Darling says the Mexican military is conducting operations near Zapata along the Rio Grande."


It is little wonder that Sheruff Sigi didn't go into detail about the fact that a long-standing agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada allows for temporary incursions for medical or law enforcement purposes.

But what can you expect from someone who's stomping his foot down in order to pocket $500 million every year for 5 years under the guise of border security, right?  

Well, here are some of his predictions that are yet to come true, so let's keep an eye out for this guy:

"Osama Bin Laden can come across border and not get caught" 

"Be careful of the lull before the storm"
And come to think of it, there has been a lull in Sheriff Sigi's diatribe.  

I wonder what he's planning next?  Blaming Osama bin Laden for another 9/11 on the border?

All I know is that before 2010, we didn't have so much commotion here on the border, and all of it coming just from one county and one Sheriff, the Sigster.  

Let's just hope he keeps it at 2010 and shuts it at 2011, but we'll find out pretty soon as we continue to investigate this case.

Until next time...


  1. Is anyone else having problems with the comment boxes? Had reports that it takes you to the donate page, and that is not something I have messed with.

  2. Whoa! What an amazing article! You are incredibly thorough and an excellent investigator. It really could be an elaborate plot, and that explains a lot of the bizarre characteristics about this case.

    I wonder if their Key West vacation the week before he incident was their final last-blast before being able to reunite months from now?

    1) The only witnesses stepping forward to support the pair of them together were from law enforcement. Sigi could have arranged the DPS stop and the BP agents spotting them at Subway, to add to the, "story"..the anonymous Good Samaritan no doubt SG operative.... and he didn't even get his story coordinated with TH. he added things that she never said...and talked about brains spattered everywhere, etc...
    2. Reading the article on Reyna, it was pretty clear that SG wanted the PI to get lost, out of the way -I mean, even going so far as to try to sabotage his credibility by bringing up the licensing lapse...
    3. Investigation? There was no chain of evidence whatsoever for any investigation -not the living, breathing witness to an alleged homicide + her clothing, the jet ski, the vest...OMG, the life vest appeared on TV (!) for Chrissakes! No gunshot residue tests performed on the witness...No blood test results were reported based on a "barely visible microscopic drop of blood" found on the vest of a woman who claims she was in physical contact with a man where there was a LOT OF BLOOD. They never intended to do an investigation in the first place, in fact obstruct an investigation, for sure.
    4. SG has had an explanation, theory for everything, every step of the way. His story keeps changing too...
    5. If I were investigator working this case, I would look back to his phone records and religion affiliation in both McAllen and Reynosa especially -to find a connection.
    6. Pretty odd isn't it that TH herself tried to nip the matter in the bud, memorialized her missing husband just 5 days after the incident, never gave a straight answer about whether she thought he was alive until months later (in attempts to fill in the gaps and perfect the "story"...
    7. Also according to statement analysis, the ORDER in which people say things is very revealing. I noticed that SG's top priority is to force Obama administration for more funding. TH on her recent announcement of a rally wrote "Our purpose is to ask our governor, congressman, and elected officials to take lead in pressuring the Obama administration" -Why how uncanny that it is the same exact goal of Sheriff Gonzalez
    8. Does anyone know specifically how the whole MEDIA BLITZ got started? If it was the wife, then that is a dead giveaway... if what happened really did, then the last thing on her mind after the traumatizing murder of her husband would be to go on GERALDO or NANCY GRACE, Dr. PHIL -not to mention the dozens of interviews she gave, and is still giving, even as a priority over making a formal police report in both US and Mexico!

  3. Audrey (anon above it me)March 27, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    Test comment posted successfully. It did not take me to a donate box.

    Audrey (anon above is me)

  4. Oops, should clarify, short test anon was me, not the lenghty anon post. ;)

  5. This is by far the most fascinating article to date on this alleged incident. Too many coincidences indeed. I hope MSM and REAL LE are paying attention. Nice work!

  6. Are the county sheriff budget and spending public information? They are up north in the US where I live. It would be interesting to see what their OT expense....also, if he is so concerned about border security with his rantings this past year, why are they JUST NOW putting up warning signs for tourists? Seems like an inexpensive no-brainer that should have happened long ago. Oh, but that expense my dip into the overtime they are pocketing. He should be held accountable for his spending...

  7. Anonymous, yes, the sheriff's budget and spending should be public information, but I wouldn't count on that to tell you the truth of what he is really spending it on. I've worked with people who operate with the state, and I know how easy it is to commit fraud and get away with it. It's as simple as inventing stories like this and using them to pocket expenses on overtime for "investigations" that are never made. Just look at the Zapata Times and read "The Blotter". Look at how many incidents of break ins and robberies there are, rarely any one of them solved. I find it odd that for such a small county they have so many break ins and robberies, unlike all the other counties on the border. Plus, don't forget those "informants" that Sigi can't name. Communication with them is an allowable expense as it is part of the "investigation", but they could be a family member of Sigi's for all we know. But you are right. It is public information and I'd like to see how he's using that money. Maybe that's something else I can work on. ;)

  8. Sheriff Gonzalez in May 2010: "It makes me nervous that these things are happening. It irritates me because we can try and do more if the federal government would provide more funding," said Gonzalez.

    FACT: The Department of Homeland Security granted Zapata County Sheriff $900,000 in June of 2009. This grant was to be spent on communications and security 'preparedness.'

    Sheriff Gonzalez indicated in Jun 2009 that the money would be spent on laptops, vehicles and overtime. Wow, those are some expensive laptops, and someone's pockets are sure full of overtime pay, but with no results, no successes to speak of.

    There was only botched communication and inadequate emergency preparedness when it came to the case of David Hartley.

    So how did they spend nearly 1 MILLION dollars in that year...and turn around and claim they are needing more funds just 11 months later?

    Taxpayers want to know.

  9. The first helicopter picture looks photoshopped. The sky looks like it was added around the helicopter to remove whatever was in the background and there is no color variation in the sky color. (unnatural looking) What is the additional gray around the wheel at the bottom of the picture? Looks like they forgot to erase something before adding the sky color. The lettering on the under belly could have been photoshopped in. The distance between the two words is much smaller on the first picture compared to the second picture. Also the MARINA on the side of the helicopter has the letters much closer together on the top picture - spacing is different. Look at the outline of the helicopter, it is pixelated (not as crisp as other edges in the photo)and you can see residue of deletion around the edges prior to the blue sky being added.

  10. you can also see legs dangling from the back of the chopper...

    1st pic: 1 leg dangling

    2nd pic: 2 legs dangling, u can actually almost see the whole figure of a soldier sitting on the back of the helicopter in the 2nd pic, i zoomed in on it at 400%

  11. Anonymous, good point! I had thought they photoshopped it too, but didn't want to say that because it would have sounded like I was trying too hard to find something wrong, but your comment made me think again. I didn't notice that spot on the bottom near the wheel, and yes, what is that?!

    So, I looked around the web to see if there's a way to figure out if a photo has been photoshopped, and, I found these links: (1st photo) (2nd photo)

    If you know how to read this, you will note that the 1st photo was severely edited. :-O

    Notice the pixels on the 2nd photo are evenly spread. Borders are usually highlighted in white, but usually come out evenly highlighted.

    However, the 2nd photo comes out with a completely black back ground! The whole picture is almost completely black! The outline of the helicopter is not evenly highlighted either! It was most definitely photoshopped!

  12. BTW, that spot at the bottom near the wheel is a smear. There's a tool in photoshop where you can smear colors to blend them. They were probably blending the sky near the wheel and caught part of it, which smeared it to the left. Sneaky bastards!

  13. I call bullshit on this article. You can look at any incident in history and say conspiracy. The "facts" this person is using are just speculations. This person claims that the sheriff set the whole thing up. They also make light the suffering of the innocent people who live in fear of the cartels and Los Zetas. This person also infers that the violence that is happening in Mexico is something US officials concocted to scare people. I would like to read their article when the violence spills over to this side of the border.

  14. I have been following this case and just recently was directed to this site. I have always believed there was much more to the story but thought it was just Tiffany involved and Sigi covering because it meant $$$ in his pocket. Now I am starting to see that this may be a much bigger cover up.
    Glad to see there are people digging into this deeper.

    Photoshop Anon

  15. Do you have the ability to hand over what you have found to investigators? Or to contact someone like 48 Hour Myster or Dateline to investigate why Sigi would release a photoshopped image to convince the public of border trouble.

  16. Anonymous @ 1:40, unfortunately, I don't think that a photoshopped image is enough to get investigators to look into this. I got that image off the web and either they'll think I photoshopped it, or it could have been a number of sources that edited it from the news rooms. Not to mention that a number of people that I've called around here, from the Game Warden to the DPS, have all freaked out over simple questions related to the case, can you imagine how they'll react if I bring this up?

    @Photoshop anon, thank you for following this story with us. Of course we are going to dig deeper and will continue to do so until we have evidence that a full, correct, complete, and deep investigation is done into this case. In about two weeks time, assuming all goes well, we should have some very interesting information regarding this case either for or against Tiffany. We'll see from here until then, so make sure to check in every once in a while for updates.

  17. Anonymous @ 11:08 you say you call bullshit on this article, and that's all fine and dandy as people have a right to their own opinion. However, not every incident in history has had the same details we've been covering, from a Sheriff that jumped the gun to support what everyone else saw as a prime suspect, to Tiffany's ever changing stories and her focus of "Border Security" as opposed to her initial claim of "Bring David Home". She can't even answer the people who want to donate to her cause what she's going to do with the donations! If she really cared, she'd suck up her pride and answer these supporters of hers and bring them comfort in knowing that the money will be used to "bring David home" and not border security. Now, nowhere in my article have I said I am presenting my opinions as fact. There's a little disclaimer down at the very bottom of this blog that also certifies that for you, but what I am doing is trying to get people to open their eyes about this case by putting two and two together in my own way. Whether you like it or not is of no concern to me because my only concern is finding out what happened to David, and if he's alive, then he and Tiffany need to stop duping people. Now, how am I making light of the people that live in fear of the cartel? I've said it numerous times that things in Mexico are bad, and that's the only reason why I am in a way grateful to Tiffany for continuously bringing this up in her rallies. But here on the Texas border, it is a different story. We don't live in fear of the cartel, and those who do, do so because of people like Sigi. Now let me ask you this, what purpose would the cartels have to cross over the border? We are their demand! If you go and kill your demand, then who in the hell is going to pay you? Answer me that!

  18. @iamme - A half retarded monkey with a lisp could find out if Tiffany had any further communication with David. Surely you are not suggesting that these two people have anywhere near the skill-set it takes to disappear without a trace, are you? Seriously, are you? If you are then you are an idiot. Why don't you just go back to being a bad mother and leave this case alone.

    As an attorney I see many, many things in here that constitute libel. I have copied them and I am forwarding them to Tiffany along with a pile of cash to file the suit. Let me tell you the sinister nature of how this works; she sues you, if you win then she appeals, but guess what winning for you won't be cheap, you will need an attorney. At the appellate level you need more money, if you win, she appeals again, and you need more money, and over and over until you get to the Supreme Court. By then you are an older hag and will have wasted a much bigger pile of cash and years and years of your time, but hey look at the bright side, you won't have to worry about being a productive member of society during all that time, you can just keep up the fight to be worthless and pass that lesson on to your kids.

  19. @Anonymous 11/20/2011:
    You are one funny chick. For one, whatever you claim constitutes libel doesn't constitute libel for several reasons. One, being the little disclaimer at the bottom of this blog, so nyah. Two, I have made it very clear that these are my beliefs, so nyah again. Three, everyone mentioned in my blog, with the exception of I don't know who (but definitely not Tiffany or Sheriff Sigi) are public figures, therefore, my comments are covered under the fair comment common law. Wow! Funny how for claiming a lawyer you wouldn't even know this. I really suggest you send Tiffany LOTS AND LOTS of money. Even if she could file a lawsuit against me, she'd get nothing and it would cost her more to sue me, than for me to stand there in court and watch her have a hard time trying to prove malice, which I have none btw. As a matter of fact, my income qualifies me for a waiver, so I pay nothing to "defend" myself from false charges, lol, so yes, please send her LOTS AND LOTS of money so she can throw it away on fees that will get her no where. Any REAL lawyer would know that she'd just be throwing her money away. Or, at least a GOOD lawyer would know that.

    No, seriously, do encourage her to sue me for libel. I'd really like to bring her back into the lime light. Maybe if she takes me to court, I can put her on the hot seat with the hard questions no one ever asked her. That'd be awesome. I would have to prove where my comments are coming from, so that would be an excellent opportunity to get the law to look deeper into her case. Of course, I'm sure she'll be smart and won't even dare because I know she and Sigi read my blog and I know they wouldn't dare push things any further than they have gone. They want to play it safe now. It's very much in their best interest. ;)

    Anyways, my main goal is defending the border from being demonize, which she is doing if her story is a cover up, not to mention, most importantly, that IF she killed David, OR assisted in his disappearance, whether to get rid of him or as part of an insurance scam or a political maneuver, then she needs to pay for her crime.

    Anywho, the way things are going, it does seem she will need the money to help prove her innocence. She can thank her "savior" Sigi for helping her story fall apart. You'll see soon enough what I mean. So, rest assured that I am NOT leaving this case alone. Until then, have a good day, "lawyer", lol.

    P.S. It doesn't take much to make someone disappear. All they have to do is go to Mexico, claim they were murdered by "pirates", go to some coyote, buy fake documents, grow a beard, paint your hair, and welcome to America Jose Venado. ;)


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