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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Falcon Lake Murder: To be or not to be?

Well, this case gets more and more frustrating as time goes on.

Recently, Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez has announced four suspects in the David Hartley murder case.  According to Action4News, "the four of them...were part of a larger group of seven men that attacked David and Tiffany Hartley..."

So we now have a group of seven men.  Two of them are the Farias brothers, and now these two new suspects, with 3 more still unidentified.

Now in this Youtube video, Tiffany Hartley says the following @ 3:03:

Anderson Cooper:  How many people were there?  How many boats were there?

Tiffany Hartley:  There was three boats, um, that were chasing us and then one boat came up to me and I saw two people in that boat but there was a sss, third or fourth person in that boat, I just didn't see them.

In short, there were 4 people in that one boat.  You either saw them or you didn't, but you already gave a number (I'm talking to Tiffany here) which means there was more than two people in the boat, and you can't go from third to fourth unless you recognize there was a third person in that boat, which you clearly recognize when you said "fourth person".

So four people in one boat, two boats left, and 3 people needing placement on those boats.  How should we place them?  One in one boat and two in the other?  Or were all 3 in one boat and the last boat driven by ghost pirates?

Oooh!  I like the sound of that...ghost pirates!  It makes for an interesting read, yes?

Further into the interview @ 3:26:

Anderson Cooper:  And, and how many guns were there?  Were there just one?
Tiffany Hartley:  Um, I just saw the one, uh, that was pointing at me. I wasn't looking for any other ones.
Notice the little shake of the head at the end of that answer, lol.  Sorry, but I can't help but laugh at the absurdity of this whole case and how INVESTIGATORS can't see what we see!

I mean, I could read her thoughts with that one shake.

"Good comeback Tiffany!  That was a good answer!" she thinks in her head.

Why a good answer?

She only saw ONE gun.

She saw bullets flying.  She saw David Hartley flying.  She saw boats coming, but she didn't see any other guns but the one that was aimed at her?

So who was the one saying that they were waving GUNS?  Or are you saying that all the barrage of bullets came out of one lone gun?

These must be some very poor pirates.  I wonder if they took turns with their one gun, and I apologize for making fun of an incident that sounds so severe, but frankly, I just don't believe any of this story and I cannot fathom why NO ONE, to this date, has done nothing other than attack our beautiful and secure borders.

It's sickening really.

So, 7 suspects, 3 boats, 1 gun.  

It almost sounds like a catchy song.

A song that keeps on changing, because now the Sheriff claims it wasn't just any gun, but a rifle!

And to make matters worse, now the Sheriff is also claiming that the story about the suspects is untrue but it really isn't.

If that's confusing to you, then welcome to the club because just about every article I read in which Sigi denies having mentioned four more suspects in this recent news, well, they all seemed to have disappeared from the web and they have been replaced with recounting about what we already knew months ago.

Personally, I think it was just a media stunt that was made because both Tiffany and Sigi feed off the lime light and, well, they were running short on energy and they decided to feed off the media frenzy caused by the capture of the ICE agent murder suspects.

However, the announcement was a fart in time, for no sooner than the news got out, Sheriff Sigi was claiming that there are no suspects and that it was all a misunderstanding.

Elsewhere, Tiffany continues to play the victim role:

Seriously, again, I just don't get it.

She can remember certain details, like her not seeing the "third or fourth" person in the boat, 3 boats, she could see bullets hitting the water, hear them hitting the water as well, she could see David flying, a gun to her face, the person holding the gun looking back and picking up, putting down, picking up the gun, erm "rifle", and she also fled "not looking back" until she could not "see them anymore"....yet she claims she wouldn't be able to identify the suspects in a line up?

Wait a fuckin moment here!

How in the world do we have suspects then if this poor excuse for a lady claims she doesn't know who shot her husband, what they look like, what they wanted, where they went, how they got there, or where they are?

You can't just go around picking up people, especially if they are coming from unknown sources, and I don't care what Sigi says if they are reliable sources.  The fact that their identities have to be kept secret speaks volumes of very shady people, and very shady people deal in very shady ways.

What proof do we have that these suspects even committed a crime?

Was there a description of them?  No!
Were bullets found and traced back to them?  No!
Were they found in possession of something that linked to David Hartley?  No!

We're reliving a witch hunt, and if Sheriff Sigi gets away with believing fairy tails from people who probably want to set up others, then we're in for big trouble here on the border.


What kind of a Sheriff is Sigi?  He's no Sheriff!  He's a wanna-be punk Sheriff who wants fame and will obtain it by falsely framing himself a hero.  Just watch!

Before I do that, though, did I mention that in one of her claims she states that she fled, "NOT LOOKING BACK" until she could "NOT SEE THEM ANYMORE", yet the witness says there was a boat chasing her?

Ok, now let me go throw a tantrum.

I'll post more information which I have found soon.  Until then...


  1. Borderline Madness: You have done a brilliant job of getting to the heart of this insanity with great quotes from Mr. Sigi and the "grieving" faux-widow.

    At the same time I am laughing at the absurdity of Tiff and Sigi falling over themselves with their preposterous and impossible positions of all kinds, I am also sickened and furious at what you aptly call this punk-sheriff; his lies, changing stories, faked "investigation," and the pathetic US media taking all this at face value like nothing is wrong here.

    And just to take one aspect: the guns and the gun: we have guns, one gun, never-seen gun(s)?, waving guns, multiple shots and whizzing bullets fired by gun(s), "warning shots"?? fired by pirates with guns, and, finally, now, a single "rifle," pointed.

    As with all parts of this improbable, ridiculous multi-version farce, which is it?

    I look forward to more of your great work, and reading this piece again tomorrow.

  2. "Tiffany Hartley: Um, I just saw the one, uh, that was pointing at me. I wasn't looking for any other ones."

    Laughable. Especially after she set up a whole story based around big bad gun-bearing pirates, bullets flying all around her, gun shots. That is a bizarre statement. It was the good samaritan who said they were waving guns... she must have told him that. Either way, it discredits the sole witness... he also said there was brains gushing out and that David was gasping for air... someone must have told him that. Who? The wife has never said it...

  3. "and she also fled "not looking back" until she could not "see them anymore"...."

    Do you realize how incredibly stupid this statement is -once again contradicting the 'witness' -He said that a boat was chasing her close behind and into US water...The border markers are visible from shore, yet she is somehow so far ahead of them that SHE could not see them...but check it out -the man on the beach could??? Makes no sense at all. Another discredit to this so called good samaritan!

  4. Oh, I posted the above BEFORE completing your article...LOL. Obviously that conclusion stuck out like mad when I read it...

  5. In one interview with the Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez, he said that the type of guns used down there by cartel are AK47's and AR-15's... when and how did he deem the arms to be a (single) rifle...? I have never heard TH describe the/a gun at all. Even though we all know she is well versed in arms and that her husband was an arms owner and her sister active shooting for sport and owning machine guns (her sister's dream gun is an AK47!).

  6. I am wondering if any of the recent events on this lake, with the shootout and killing of drug cartel members has at all changed your mind. Also , have you ever been in a situation where people are firing guns at you and your husband or wife was killed. I can't imagine anyone being able to keep there mind together enough in that kind of situation to remember all the details as accurately as a member of law enforcement, which seems to be the level you are holding her to. Most folks cant remember things like numbers of people, what they were wearing and such even in normal circumstances, or when they are mugged or robbed at gun point. But im sure the writer of this article who slams this women would be able to keep all the details in order in such a situation. Finally i'm sure that the fact that the official sent to investigate this had his headless body sent back as a warning not to investigate is equally meaningless to you.

    Two people can have witnessed the same action and have different accounts on what has occurred, that is common knowledge. To hold all statements of a victim as statements of fact, is not how law enforcement works, they know about inconsistencies. But it seem for you that any mistake or mis-characterization , should all be met as intentional lies. The fact is if you were in law enforcement you would have to let all the criminal you investigate go, based on on mistake by one witness, regardless of corroborating statements by other witnesses. You my friend have stumbled into the myriad of troubles that all investigators face when investigating crime, yet unlike them you deal in absolutes. And that is now way to investigate anything. You have a small limited mind that is beholden to what you read by others and statements you never witnessed. That is why you are relegated to write on this blog and have no real experience understanding or authority to say anything of real value. It is obvious you are a distrustful hateful and belittling person(based on your insulting statements), and that alone disqualifies you to be the judge of anything but yourself.

  7. Anonymous, nothing has changed my mind. To the contrary, whatever is going on in Mexico makes me question Tiffany's story even more. Why would ruthless thugs let her go? This isn't about just any mistake. It's a huge number of important mistakes that she makes in the retelling of her story, from the way she tells it to the way she changes it every time. The official that was sent to investigate this case was beheaded for reason not related to the Hartley. Why in the world would they behead the investigator, kill David, yet, Tiffany is let go alive? Seriously! Get a clue! BTW, check out my new post. Does Tiffany admit to having shot somebody out on Falcon Lake? This "investigator" thinks she does. ;)


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