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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Falcon Lake Murder: Subways

Since law enforcement apparently is not doing anything about the Falcon Lake murder case, we were left to do our own independent investigation.

Some of the the doubts we had were regarding the police stop and the claim that the border patrol saw Tiffany and David eating at Subways.

While we have to wait for the video of the police stop, a good friend of mine, Javiera, whom I converse daily with about this case, took some of her time to investigate what she could about it. 

Both Tiffany and Sheriff Sig claim that Tiffany was seen by border patrol with David eating at a Subway's, later confirmed by a reporter from The Monitor that that Subway's happened to be in Zapata. 

Interestingly enough, Javiera called the Zapata County Subway to see if anyone had actually seen David and Tiffany together that day, and they didn't even know who Tiffany and David were! 

They thought she was talking about Harley Davidson motorcycles!

They'd never heard of the Falcon Lake murder!

Naturally, I needed to call Zapata Subway and confirm this for myself. 

To make a long story, Javiera was right, but at the same time, they were able to direct me to someone who was there on September 30th, 2010.

I was not able to get in touch with this person immediately, but some time between 2/14/11 and 2/17/11, I finally made contact.

This person, who does not want to reveal their identity for safety reasons, claims that Sheriff Sigi never came to them with any questions.

No one had ever done an interview with any of the employees or the owner and that no investigation was done at that Subway restaurant!

The witness was, however, able to confirm that they did see David and Tiffany Hartley eat there.  The witness claims to have seen them come in between 12:30 noon and 1:30 pm ("somewhere around there").

According to witness, the "couple" ordered their meal to go.

Witness was not able to give any more information other than they had used a credit card "or a debit card" and that the couple had acted regular when they order "their sandwiches".

I did find the following statement from the witness very interesting:

Witness states, "I did see the couple eat there, and then I went back to see if it was the same girl that came out, because I was not able to see the guy, right, anymore.  He, he disappeared.  But the girl that came out in the news was the same girl that was there having lunch at the Subway."

So I called the witness back for further explanation of that statement.

What witness meant was that they went back out of curiosity to look at their security video to see if the girl was the same as the one on the news.  I asked if it was possible to get access to that security video.

Unfortunately, they only keep them for two months and since no one asked for them and they didn't think the couple eating at Subways was important, they didn't save the video.

If Sheriff Sigi had been doing his job, they would have acquired that video from the security cameras as evidence. 

As it is, the witness could not confirm what the Hartley's were driving in or how they arrived to the store.  All the witness knows is that Tiffany came to the store, possibly with someone considering the witness continually used the word "they", "them", "their" but then later says she could not see the guy because he "disappeared".

I asked the witness what they meant by "disappeared". Did they mean the guy moved out of the scope of the camera or was Tiffany alone? I asked if Tiffany was alone because there were times when the witness would single out Tiffany as if Tiffany went in by herself.

The witness responded with, "No, she was definitely with somebody but I do not know if, if it was the same guy that was shot in the lake because, because I did not see a picture of him, right, to compare, but the girl, the girl was the same as on tv."

I asked if there were any border patrol eating there at the time. Witness claims that they did not recall them being there but that they were "definitely not in line placing an order" with the Hartley's.

When asked how they wanted to be addressed in this blog, the witness said to just put down "*****" because "all that matters is that they ate there."

Thank you very much for your help, witness, but that is not all that matters.

Other things that matter are fact that the so called Sheriff of Zapata County did not actually call Subways or interview its employees to confirm if David and Tiffany had been there? Fortunately for him, that much seems to be true, but it was very important that he had done this investigation early on, because, as you can see, the Subway's witness has given useful information. 

Did they notice Tiffany and David arguing? No. 
Were anyone of them visibly upset? No. 
Did they look happy together? They looked like any regular couple. 
Were they conversing? They did not stay long enough to notice. 
Did you overhear them talking about anything out of the ordinary, or anything at all? No.

All of those very useful questions, but none were asked except by irrelevant me!  Why?!!!

Not to mention, why does Sheriff Sigi publicize this as a fact if it was never confirmed? The witness cannot confirm if that was really David because no one ever showed up to take her statements and show her a picture of David!

Even more interesting is the Denver Post's claim that "in his most extensive

What border patrol and how could they have seen them eating there if they ordered to go according to my witness?!  Not to mention that my witness does not recall any border patrol agents eating there, so how can we be certain of how the border patrol "witnesses" came to the conclusion that who ever was with Tiffany was David Hartley?

Stay tuned for more revelations about this case as we pick up gear and do our own hard core investigation, sort of like it should have been done by law enforcement to begin with, but using only those resources available and limited to us.

On a final note, I want to give a big thank you to Javiera for her help, ideas, and most importantly for dedicating her time and using her experience as an investigator to help me in investigating this case. 

I truly appreciate your help and thank you for taking this case to heart like I did. Gracias!

Until next time...


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