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Friday, February 25, 2011

Falcon Lake Murder: David Hartley, a missionary, and an ICE agent

I'm going to be taking a break for a little bit on the Falcon Lake Murder case, and only because I'm waiting for new information to arrive, which is hopefully soon.

For the mean, you can  check out my new blogs, Borderline Madness Diary, and coming soon, Borderline Madness Poetry.

However, before I put the Falcon Lake Murder case on standby, allow me to share some final thoughts for the week.

I think that the worse case scenario for me is that everything I've been posting about the David Hartley murder case turns out to be so wrong.

It's not that I would hate to be proven wrong.  To the contrary, I hope to be proven wrong.

What it is is that I would hate to think that Tiffany Hartley has been telling the truth this whole time (which I clearly state again that I very much doubt) and that people like me have been giving her a hard time during what is probably the worst time time in her life.  I would hate to think that instead of giving her support, that I instead gave her more grief.

Having said that, one thing that has been bothering me for the past week is the underlying injustice for us all.

For us, those who seek true justice, it is the lack of enforcing the laws in serious situations like the David Hartley murder.  It was a biased investigation that, asides from giving preferential treatment to women, it also gave preferential treatment to white victims, and preferential treatment to anti-immigrant hysteria.

For those who are victims, assuming they have been telling the truth, the unfairness comes in minimizing what is priority to what is not.

What do I mean?

Well, if you haven't heard about it, a few weeks ago in January 2011, a missionary couple was attacked by the drug cartels.  The husband was able to escape, but the wife was not.  She was shot in the head as their truck was bombarded with bullets.  Unlike the David Hartley murder case, they had the truck, which was riddled with bullet holes, as proof of the dangers that they had escaped, and unfortunately took the life of a good Samaritan.  This case did not gain too much attention because the surviving spouse did not parade himself in front of the media like Tiffany Hartley did after David's supposed murder.

In that case, many people kept bringing up the expensive truck the missionaries were driving.  In their head, they could not understand why this couple, knowing the dangers of Mexico, why would they drive a truck like that in Mexico?

Well, having been all along the Mexico border, in Matamoros, Nuevo Progresso, Diaz Ordaz, Reynosa, Camargo, Miguel Aleman, Ciudad Nuevo Guerrero, Nuevo Laredo, and as far in as Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Real de Catorce, San Luis Potosi, in all these places, it is not uncommon to see people driving fancy vehicles.

Naturally, one should still take precautions, but I fail to see in cases like these why they would be targeted for the truck they drove.  This is one case where I truly believe it was a case of mistaken identity, but the one case where everyone seems to be going just the opposite of what I think.  But it is because of the fact that I know that they are not the only ones driving nice looking trucks, and if you've been to these border towns and have seen the missionary truck, you'd realize that the missionaries' truck was blah compared to what other people are driving in these Mexican border towns.

Do I suspect foul play in the missionary shooting?  No I don't.  The only foul play is that they, in my opinion, were mistaken for rivals, especially because, according to the way the story goes, they didn't stop for the road block and instead sped off away from it, in my opinion, giving the impression that they were hiding something when in reality they were just speeding off in fear.

If that sounds like the David and Tiffany scenario, then you are right, but the only difference is that the missionaries had a truck riddled with bullet holes to prove they were being shot at, not to mention the wife who later died in the hospital as a result of being shot in the head.  In Tiffany's case, there were no bullet holes anywhere, not even a nick, and this was after being chased by 3 boats full of "pirates", David's body nor his jet ski were ever found, and her story changed as often as the wind changes direction, among other things.

The one thing that both Tiffany and the missionary do have in common though, is that the people who killed their spouses were never caught.  In Tiffany's case, one investigator was supposedly beheaded for providing information that could have lead to the suspects, and that is still being debated by many of us as to whether things really happened the way they are telling us it did.

On the other hand, in February 2011, two ICE agents were shot in Mexico while on duty.  One was wounded in the leg and the other died as a result of multiple gun shots to the chest.

The following is STRATFOR's report on the attack of the ICE agents:

In my humble opinion, STRATFOR is full of shit.  Honestly.

For one, if the cartels were after the vehicle, why didn't they take it?

Two, I find it mighty fishy that one of the ICE agents survived with only two shots to the leg while the other was shot multiple times in the chest.

Three, I find it mighty fishy that the cartel would not hide the evidence of their crime.  Many people go missing in Mexico and no one ever finds out what happened to them.  Why in the world would they leave themselves up for grabs like that?  It isn't that I am trying to glorify the cartels.  I am not.  I find them disgusting, but, the patterns of how they operate do not match with this case nor with the Hartley's case.

Three, the people in Mexico do not see Americans as a threat! WTF?!

Does STRATFOR really call themselves "intelligence professionals"?  Well, they are surely lacking in the "intelligence" part, because this case smells all over, just like David Hartley's supposed "murder".

And to me, that's upsetting, because cases like these, I'm sure, are going to become more common.

People have found an easy way to commit murder and blame the violence in Mexico!

However, to be fair, what is very astounding is the fact that even before the month was over, they had already arrest not one, but 500 suspects nationwide!!!  This only days after ICE practically states they are going to get revenge for their fallen hero by finding the shooters.

Boy, that was quick!

What about the missionary and Tiffany Hartley and other Americans who have been murdered in Mexico as a result of the drug wars?

Why was the government not quick to respond to their case in capturing the shooters, or as efficient?

According to Fox News, Deputy special agent with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement said, "This is personal...We lost an agent, we lost a good agent. And we have to respond."
Federal, state and local authorities across the country are sending an unequivocal message to Mexican drug cartel members in the U.S. and Latin America: If you kill a U.S. agent, there will be repercussions.
Dang!  No, really...DAAANG!!!

In other words, if you are not a U.S. agent, then you are not important.

So I take it, Tiffany Hartley and the missionaries, Nancy and Sam Davis, and countless others who have lost a loved one as a result to the drug wars in Mexico- none of them will ever find justice because they are not special.  They are not U.S. agents.  They are just American civilians and the life of American civilians are not important.

Boo!  Big fucking BOO!

Excuse my language, but, it is shit like this that makes me feel sorry for people like Tiffany Hartley, though I may not agree with her version of the story or the stance that she has decided to take about the border, or how her story is negatively affecting the communities on the border.
But I urge her to keep demanding justice for David, just in case I am wrong about David Hartley's supposed "murder", and for the sake of those who are not "special U.S. agents"...

...most importantly for them.


  1. "In other words, if you are not a U.S. agent, then you are not important." Boy, do I agree with that!

    This post of Borderline Madness really hits the nail on the head and asks great questions.

    It does appear that only US agents count, and regular people are forgotten about, unless you are Tiffany Hartley and saint-ified by US groups and LE (I often wonder about Tiff's investigative status in Mexico).

    After forcing myself to watch the latest Stratfor take, I will want to comment again, but right now I don't have the stomach for them, as they are self-aggrandizing morons who apparently get paid huge amounts of money for their so-called "intelligence reports." And you are so right. They are full of shit, and I have been asking for months who they are really working for.

    After listening to and reading their blatant lies attempting to cover up the Tiffany Hartley "changing scenarios," by pretending David and Tiffany were mistaken for rival cartel memebers!! (end of story and investigation), a theory initially not even accepted by the so called sheriff of Zapata County, Mr. Sigi, anything they have to say ablout anything is, in my opinion, pure propaganda.

    Thanks for another interesting and well written view on the goings-on of the US and Mexico, murders, and "cartel murders" inside of Mexico.

  2. Well, the other thing is that the drug cartel violence is very much ON THE OTHER SIDE in Mexico. But the media uses the Border as an all encompassing term that denotes both the U.S. side and the Mexican side. But how many drug-cartel related murderers have been documented in the U.S.? I just read an article in The Nation (2009) that shows that statistically (at least in 2009) crime in U.S. border cities was declining. Plus, for the most part, if you don't get involved with drug cartel people you're not going to be touched by drug-cartel people. So, why the border madness? Simple: 1. The nation wants to believe that the border is like some wild west. Coincidentally, the border has a large Hispanic population; i.e. predominantly Hispanic places are dangerous. 2. The nation wants to blame their drug problem on someone else. Ahh, but the U.S. citizens are their prime consumers!!!

  3. "In an amazing twist of reaction to the drug cartel murder of ICE Agent Jaime Zapata, U.S. law enforcement has also finally responded to the loss of David Hartley by arresting all the jetskiing blondes they could find in the United States..."



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